Get your pocket charger pods

Never run out of phone charge again with a charger pod in your pocket


Phone charged whenever you need it

You'll never leave the house without one again


Small, light, and powerful. A new standard for pocket power banks.

With each pod as small as a lighter, and up to 4 hours charge per pod, you'll never leave the house without one again. Keep a chargerpod or two in your pocket, and you will always have charge whenever you need it most.

Tech Specs

An up-close-and-personal look at the charger pod's finest features.

Charger Pods
  • Portable and Light

    Each pod is the size of a USB thumb drive so it fits comfortably in your pocket, handbag, or on your keychain

  • Convenient Design

    No cable needed! The pod plugs straight into your phone with its magnetic connector, so you can use your phone, make a call, or put it back in your pocket while it charges

  • Powerful Battery Charge

    Each pod can give up to around 4 hours of battery life, or 25% charge. 

  • Universal Compatibility

    Chargerpods come with 3 detachable magnetic connectors so you can use the same one with both Android (Micro USB and USB-C) and iPhone (all models)

Other features


Each pod is water and dust resistant so it won't stop working if you accidentally spill something on it


The magnetic connector means that the charger and phone won't get damaged even if it's squeezed in your bag or pocket


Whether in your pocket or in your phone chargerpods look great and fit with your phone and style perfectly.